Electric Vehicle Maintenance & Hybrid Car Repair in Tulsa, OK

Maintain the efficiency of your hybrid or electric vehicle with the help of Tulsa, OK Hibdon Tires Plus. Schedule your hybrid or electric auto repair, service, or maintenance appointment now.

The Plus in Hibdon Tires Plus

We believe in more than customer satisfaction. We want our guests to be enthusiastic about the tires and services they receive. We’re also committed to helping you save money. That’s why we offer deals and coupons on a number of our services and tires. Visit your nearest Hibdon Tires Plus location or schedule an appointment today!

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Hibdon is Tulsa, OK's choice for Hybrid & Electric Car Maintenance

Electric and hybrid cars vary from their conventional counterparts. Even so, they still need similar general maintenance as gas-powered cars. Your neighborhood Tulsa Hibdon Tires Plus repair pros can perform maintenance services on electric and hybrid vehicles! Our technicians are trained to maintain your electric/hybrid from tires to transmission. Book with us for services including repairs, wheel alignments, tire repairs, brake inspections and repairs, tire installations, and yes -- oil changes! Surprised? Yes, hybrid cars as well as some electric cars feature combustion engines that still require regular oil changes. Don't hesitate to call your nearby Hibdon Tires Plus with your questions regarding hybrid and electric vehicle maintenance services in Tulsa, and make your hybrid or electric vehicle maintenance or repair today!

Get Manufacturer-Suggested Maintenance for Your Electric/Hybrid in Tulsa

Your car's manufacturer-suggested service schedule is an excellent guideline for caring for your electric or hybrid vehicle. It tells you when to have the tires rotated, Adhere to swap filters, and you can help and so much more. last for years to come. Under the impression only your dealer can service your electric or hybrid in Tulsa? There are other options! You can choose your nearby Hibdon Tires Plus in Tulsa for manufacturer suggested hybrid auto repair and electric vehicle maintenance, too! Check your manufacturer-suggested maintenance schedule for your electric or hybrid vehicle and schedule an appointment with Tulsa's trusted Hibdon Tires Plus.

Hibdon is Tulsa, OK's Choice for High-Voltage System Repairs and Diagnostics

Some Hibdon Tires Plus locations also perform advanced services for electric and hybrid vehicles in Tulsa, OK. Call your nearest location to ask. Our high-voltage system diagnostics and repairs include services like cable inspection, air conditioning compressor analysis, battery cooling inspection, and more. Book an appointment with Hibdon Tires Plus if you notice that your electric or hybrid vehicle isn't driving as usual. High-pitched squeals suspicious leaks or a drifting steering wheel, we can handle your electric/hybrid vehicle's problem. Let Hibdon Tires Plus diagnose and repair your hybrid or electric so that you can drive with confidence. Book an appointment for electric vehicle service or hybrid vehicle service in Tulsa, OK right now!

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Auto Services And Offers Available At Hibdon Tires Plus

Our team at Hibdon Tires Plus believes in offering total car care. That’s why our services aren’t limited to tires. Whether your car needs a maintenance check up or you need a problem checked out, you can rely on your local Hibdon Tires Plus in Tulsa for all automotive needs. Explore our tire selection, auto services, and offers below.


Careers — Become a Teammate

Careers — Become a Teammate

Know a thing or two about helping people and taking care of cars? Hibdon Tires Plus is hiring in Oklahoma! Previous auto experience isn't required for every position. Teammates receive industry-leading benefits, training, and advancement opportunities -- whether they're in the service bay or helping customers as a retail associate. Benefits include competitive pay, access to health insurance from day one, no-cost uniforms, and sick pack/vacation time after a certain period. Call 877-734-9512, text BRIDGESTONE to 97211*, or click below to find Hibdon Tires Plus job openings near you.

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